Sue Kugler

Thanks for reminding me of the importance of joy and loving myself – zoot, zoot! When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Sue Oetting

It's interesting how different parts of the book affect people at different times. Some people come to me and say the chapter on forgiveness really hit them, others on gratitude, and so on. It shows that the book will have continued relevance to people, no matter what stage or state of life they're in.

Belinda Faulkner

I really started Gospel of Joy (now called Joy is an inside job) not wanting to like it. LOL I guess that means I really needed it!! I was resistant to the word Gospel - even though I knew this was not a mainstream church book the word bothered me. I could see the spark of the woman in the photo of Amanda's mum. From just a photo I was left thinking "Wow what a woman". So I did force myself to get over my silliness, open the book and start. We read it every morning together in bed, meditated on the lesson of the day and then set about implementing throughout the day. The biggest thing for me was the changes in my world to step outside the little world of my reactive self and the changes in our relationship with each other and the world. It helped me see how little fun I was to be around when I was down but how when I was living my joy I was an inspiring spark to those around me who themselves were down. So if you're gonna choose to let a little word stop you from living with joy and energy coursing through your veins then I say Build a bridge...Give it a go, even if like me you're reluctant. I promise with discipline and commitment to read it every day you will change your experience of life. Thanks Amanda!

Joan Stephenson~Putrino ~ Silver Manager, Silpada Designs Jewelry

Amanda Gore's middle name should be JOY! After hearing her speak at our National Conference a few years ago, I knew I would be a Amanda GORE FAN for life! Amanda's BOOK, The Gospel of Joy, is always on my desk. I especially love the chapter ~ Make Generosity of Way of Living I use her teaching program "Lead out Loud" for all my new representatives I can not wait to hear her speak again, and look forward to her  wise and humorous inspiration for years to come.

Juanita Carrol

After experiencing the inspiration to be gained from Amanda’s Video “Stress Busters”, then downloading her regular Endorphin Newsletters I was eager to obtain her book – Joy is an inside job. Had it for enough time to leaf through the introduction pages and check out the contents list when I decided that it was a “must have” ideal Xmas gift for our four adult “children”. Over a period of time I kept thinking of friends and family whom I knew could only gain to lighten their lives, by having a copy of Amanda’s book. Even now, some eight months after first receiving my copy I still find myself summing up stressful behaviours and wanting those loved ones to have a copy of your book.  Never before has a book had this effect on me. It is so easy to read. Not your usual front to back system. Select a chapter that suits – or even simply open to a page and have an inspirational start to the day.

Lori Roberts

You are an AMAZING author!!  I have been a teacher for 20 years and have not seen or used any materials as outstanding as yours.  I also have masters in Counseling and this information is exactly what I've been looking for.  You have a way with words that students relate to.  They love the language and the characters

Sarah Spell, USA

Today, a friend shared Amanda’s “How to Let People Know You Love Them” video. 

Tonight, a single zoot, uttered in solitude, erased thirty years of resentment. In 1981, I was working as a police dispatcher. My coworker (I’ll call him John) ripped me off. And frankly, I’ve been irritated about it ever since. A local radio station had an ongoing contest: in the early morning, announcers announcers revealed the “money song.” When the song was played later in the day, the designated caller won $100. I knew what song to listen for. John didn’t. When I heard David Bowie’s “Changes,” I started dialing like mad – and, naively and with a generous spirit – announced that this was the song of the day. I dialed, John dialed… and John won. And kept the money for himself. I never saw a cent. He didn’t give me half. He didn’t buy me lunch. He didn’t say, “Thank you.” It didn’t matter to him that I was angry. And it didn’t matter that other people told him what a jerk he was, either. I had assumed he would “play fair.” If our roles had been reversed, I would have shared. Ever since, whenever I heard that song, I bristled a bit. I remembered how it felt to be cheated. I was a little bit angry for a very long time. 

Tonight I was driving home alone and “Changes” came on the radio. I said to myself, “I’m going to just listen.” You know, I never really paid attention to the lyrics, because I was always trying to shut out resentment, the hurt and the anger. All the things I’d been holding onto. The song says: “I still don't know what I was waiting for and my time was running wild … “ I listened, really listened to the song. And to my heart. And then I was able to say. "Zoot, John.” And really mean it. I even added a few more zoots for good measure. “Zoot, John. Zoot, zoot, zoot.”

Sue Humble

It's already working. I had it with me last Sunday and I was driving the motorhome to pick up mu husband. There were a lot of motorbikes around and they seem to me to be driving dangerously. And you know what's like.... there was I being all self righteous and 'I'm not moving over', 'you should be looking for yourselves'... then I remembered what you said in the book about loving people. So I said to myself, 'I love motorcyclists'. And my van moved over just enough for them to see past me!

We have a lot of single carriageway roads and the van is 8' 10" wide from the edge of one mirror to the edge of the other, so it takes up a lot of space on the carriageway. I used to get very frustrated with people who wanted to pass me. After all, I was doing the max permitted speed. Now I just say to myself 'I love boy racers,' or businessmen or whoever it is and I find myself allowing them to pass without me getting all stresses. So much easier!!!

Sue Oetting

I've given several copies of Amanda’s book as gifts and have several more loaned out, and everyone has come back to me saying what a blessing it's been in their lives. Just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience the book is proving to be to so many people!