Amanda Gore

For as long as I can remember I have been talking! A lifelong friend of mine used to call me motor mouth when I was in my teens!  Little did he know it was prophetic! LOL

I studied physiotherapy and psychology after school and practiced for a few years, then taught at University before a wonderful man called Ron Tacchi saw me speak at a very tiny conference and he said ‘you should be a speaker’ and I said ‘what’s a speaker’!

Then I discovered people would actually pay you to speak – and being a ‘motor mouth’ was suddenly a fabulous occupation!

I had a pretty normal life (although I travelled a lot which is normal for a speaker!) with one divorce under my belt before I was taken to the cleaners when I was 48! The USA came to my rescue! I moved there so I could pay back my debts. And bless them for their graciousness and generosity to me. After 18 years of speaking in Australia I packed everything up and started again.

During eight wonderful years of speaking in the USA I travelled to all sorts of places – some very exotic – and others very remote; spoke to enthusiastic groups of thousands; meet generous and kind people; made new friends and found Godchildren! Not to mention a husband – an Aussie husband - Ken!

With speaking came writing and The Gospel of Joy was an extraordinary journey for me. A time of an enormous shift in my life.

My precious Mum had gone from being with me physically to being with me and helping me in the most amazing ways spiritually. I like to think that together we wrote the book (I am not a space cadet!) so I had a LOT of help!  I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me!

It triggered a drive in me to create a global joy community – one tribe at a time. With no idea how to do it, but remaining open to any inspiration I could find, I met Sheryl Martin who became my partner in joy! I feel like I was given her as a very precious gift! It was amazing how we met. Her lovely husband Wayne heard of me or found me on the web somehow and still can’t remember how – but they had just moved from Perth to the same tiny part of Australia we had moved to  - with no planning!  It was as though this was all perfectly orchestrated in perfect timing for the Joy Project to come about.  But more of that later in the section “meet us”!

Have a look around or website and you can find out a bit more about the books and how to help us create a global joy community starting with your community.

Right now I've never been busier in my life! It's a complete whirlwind - and the only thing I wish I had more time for is my family and friends; and more time to bring to fruition the ideas we have for helping you create joy tribes and share your joy.

Post your stories and photos as we share ours with you; find joy mates; learn new stuff; give us ideas on how we can do it better!  Learning is one of my main values in life and if we can all learn together, we can really make a difference to the world in so many ways!  And maybe the next generation will be called Gen Joy because of the impact we can have on them.

Buckminister Fuller said “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” – together we can create a force far more powerful than the sum of each one of us doing out bit!

So I hope you will join with our team and together we can make a major shift – our mission – should you choose to accept it is to eradicate fear and replace it with joy!

Amanda is a globally recognised speaker and has a range of areas in which she has expertise... most of them related to communication. The topics are varied as you will see in the following YouTube clips!

Amanda Gore brings a level of energy, enthusiasm, humor, and intelligence far above the conventional 'motivational speaker' you may be seeking for your next meeting. To find out more about Amanda's speaking topics...

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