The Secret to Being Popular

How many times in your life have you watched someone with a tinge of envy – wishing you were like them?

People surround them, with adoring looks on their faces – or so it seems to you – and everyone is laughing and having a great time!

Or perhaps you have seen a person who is quiet, self assured with a great presence and obviously respected by everyone around them.

Another, may be full of compassion and love and they are adored in a totally different way.

What is their secret? I am sure there are many aspects to it – but for me one of the keys is their tongue and what they say!

The first, of the three ways to be popular, is to have a tongue full of love! It sounds odd but it's great advice.

Most of us never think about our tongue – unless we bite it! It just does its job – but what is that job? It's a very sophisticated organ – not only does it help us taste everything in life, but it wraps itself around our words. Without a tongue we would have great trouble speaking, yet we ignore it 99% of the time, unless it’s not working. I am proposing, that from today onwards, you focus on your tongue when you speak and fill it with love before any sound comes out of your mouth.

I have not become a space cadet – but I do try to give people symbols and simple ways for them to make profound changes in their lives – and thinking about your tongue is a wonderful symbol and reminder!

If you become conscious of your tongue, it means you become conscious of what you are saying.

If you are conscious of your tongue being full of love, then you are much more likely to be conscious of what words you are using. Are they loving words? Positive? Encouraging? Supportive? Are you gossiping about another behind their back? Or are you saying kind things, even though they are not there?

How many times in your life have you been literally ‘crushed' – your spirit has been crushed by words that someone has said to you? The wounds are often very deep. In fact, if they are said before you turn 5 and they hurt you – the wounds can be there for a lifetime. Something said in the heat of a moment, not the heart of the moment, can affect someone forever. Your words really matter.

A person who only says loving or positive or kind words is much more likely to be trusted, liked and sought out. Become aware of your tongue and how much love it spreads! Or not!

Consciously choose to be a spreader of love. You don't have to tell anyone – just do it.

As you choose to fill your mouth and tongue with love before you speak, you may just find yourself in a position where other people look at you and wish they were like you – whom they perceive as popular, respected, liked and admired.

Your tongue can be a weapon of mass destruction – or one of the most healing tools on earth!  It's your choice!


Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore ( is an author, award-winning motivational speaker and joy facilitator! Her philosophy is that Joy is an Inside Job. Finding joy is the secret to more productive, creative, successful and happy humans — at work and home. Amanda is also the director of The Joy Project. To book Amanda for your event email Connect with Amanda on Facebook – The Joy Project page

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