Learn to feel great about yourself, find your joy spot and live happily ever after!.

The Vision of The Joy Project:
Is to help you feel great about yourself, so you can enjoy every day of your life and live to your full potential

My Mission:
My mission with The Joy Project is to help over 50 million people eradicate the fears that stop them feeling good about themselves, allowing them to live a meaningful life filled with joy, great relationships and everything they desire.

By giving people the tools they need - in as many different formats as possible - so they can simply and easily create the lives they desire.

Find your JOY SPOT
with our WIRED FOR JOY online course

In 12 short weeks, you can rewire your brain for JOY!

It actually takes between 66 and 240 days to create new habits - not just 21! Which is why
our course lasts 84 days!

Most of us are living lives of habits and patterns ruled unconsciously by fear.

The purpose of this course is to give you all the tools and strategies you need to eradicate
those fears and to embed new patterns of thinking to help you feel great about yourself;
feel inner peace; improve your relationships and communication skills, confidence,
resilience, energy and vitality - and loads more to truly create the life you want.

Completing this course can make JOY your 'default program'!

In this course, there are 12 modules, each of which lasts one week.
You can do it in your own time at at your own pace and each week you are given

  • A mini e-book
  • A daily meditation audio
  • A simple, easy JOY-ercise for each day
  • A joy journal
  • And lots of bonus gifts!


Do you feel great about yourself?
Do you feel as happy or joyful as you want to be?
Are you full of energy and vitality?
Are you as healthy, wealthy and enthusiastic as you would like to be?

The good news is that you can be joyful right now! This book shows you how to unwrap and master all 12 of your secret gifts of joy with simple, daily JOY-ercises.

It's your guidebook to creating the life you want - and are meant to have.


Gratitude Glasses will change the way you look at the world - and when you change the way you look at the world - the world changes!

They are a simple and easy way to remind yourself of all the things for which you can be grateful; to teach your children the real meaning of gratitude; to liven up and change the energy in staff meetings - or just to keep on your desk as a great resilience tool!

Find them on our store - click here.

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